Cover of Mutter/Land


published by Oystercatcher Press
ISBN: 978-1-911499-06-0

‘Xerri interested me immediately for his language use … I suspect that there are many people all over the land writing poetry in a serious version of standard English like this, though I also get the feeling that Steve Xerri is exceptional.’
Peter Riley, Fortnightly Review

‘This is writing which is beautifully lyrical yet Xerri’s thought-processes are analytical and critical … There’s a certain ‘J.G. Ballard pessimism’ here … which feels very much related to our current situation and potential future prospects but there’s a sobering beauty to this writing which perhaps includes a glimmer of hope, of celebration even.’
Steve Spence, Litter

‘The political element here is implied but definite, a rejection of the idea that small worlds are necessarily narrow. … It is [the] turning of the English poetic tradition on the idea of Englishness as it now exists that is the major achievement of Xerri’s style in these poems. It’s an achievement to be admired.’
Billy Mills, Elliptical Movements

‘A poetry of dense moments and profound transformations –
work of lyrical intensity and philosophical seriousness.’
Ian Sansom

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